Update global-jjb to v0.65.1
[ci-management.git] / jjb / akraino-templates /
2021-05-13 Eric BallChange weekly crons to "@weekly", hourly to daily 45/4245/1
2021-04-01 Eric BallReplace ubuntu1604 with ubuntu1804 04/4204/3
2021-02-12 Eric BallMerge "Fix broken ARM64 REC build"
2021-02-10 Paul CarverFix broken ARM64 REC build 54/4154/2
2020-12-29 Andrew GrimbergMerge "Update common-packer to v0.7.1"
2020-12-29 Paul CarverReplace python-decoratortools per error message 77/3977/5
2020-11-25 Ricardo NoriegaAdd GCP job for KNI Industrial Edge 27/3927/2
2020-11-12 James E. BlairUse SCM 'gerrit' choosing strategy for kni jobs 96/3896/1
2020-11-10 Ricardo NoriegaAdd job for blueprint-management-hub 86/3886/3
2020-11-05 Eric BallMerge "Don't run instance collection on deploy jobs"
2020-11-05 James E. BlairDon't run instance collection on deploy jobs 02/3802/6
2020-10-14 James E. BlairUse kni-cloud node for cloud jobs 94/3794/1
2020-10-13 Ricardo NoriegaRemove KNI job that is no longer needed 93/3793/1
2020-10-01 Ricardo NoriegaChange labels for new Jenkins slaves 79/3779/2
2020-07-08 Ricardo NoriegaFix KNI CI jobs 08/3608/2
2020-06-24 Eric BallMerge "iec: fuel: Map new UNH baremetal POD to IEC...
2020-06-24 Alexandru Avadaniiiec, rec: Abstract out common seba_on_arm usecase 81/3581/9
2020-06-10 Alexandru Avadaniivalidation: Enable validation for REC in UNH lab 55/3555/2
2020-05-26 Eric BallMerge "validation:Fix jobs cleanup issue with permissions"
2020-05-18 Eric BallRevert "Add signing to Akraino deploy templates" 85/3485/1
2020-05-18 Eric BallMerge "update 5g-mec-cloud-gaming jobs to Jenkins"
2020-05-15 fengupdate 5g-mec-cloud-gaming jobs to Jenkins 36/3436/7
2020-05-08 Eric BallMerge "Add signing to Akraino deploy templates"
2020-05-06 Eric BallMerge "Support password-based ssh auth"
2020-05-04 Eric BallMerge "iec: Add robot parsing for SEBA tests"
2020-04-30 Eric BallAdd signing to Akraino deploy templates 93/3393/3
2020-04-27 Alexandru Avadaniiiec: Add robot parsing for SEBA tests 89/3389/1
2020-04-24 Eric BallMerge "Remove libvirt provider jobs"
2020-04-22 Alexandru Avadaniivalidation: iec: Pull docker images before run 83/3383/1
2020-04-21 Eric BallMerge "iec: view: Stop filtering out the sonar job"
2020-04-21 Alexandru Avadaniibluval: Extend job description with BP, lab, layer 77/3377/1
2020-04-17 Alexandru Avadaniivalidation: bluval: Use own repo logparser rules 69/3369/2
2020-04-16 Eric BallMerge "iec-sonar: Disable git submodule cloning"
2020-04-16 Eric BallMerge "iec: seba_on_arm: fail job on error"
2020-04-15 Alexandru Avadaniivalidation: Only run tagged docker build once 60/3360/2
2020-04-15 Eric BallMerge "iec: Stop upstream job if IEC installation fails"
2020-04-15 Eric BallMerge "validation, iec: Rework common parameters list"
2020-04-15 Alexandru Avadaniivalidation, iec: Rework common parameters list 58/3358/1
2020-04-15 Alexandru Avadaniiiec: Stop upstream job if IEC installation fails 57/3357/1
2020-04-15 Alexandru AvadaniiFix SCM macro usage of refspec, branches 56/3356/4
2020-04-15 Eric BallMerge "iec: exclude seba_on_arm from virtual PODs"
2020-04-15 Eric BallMerge "Fix k8s tests run in CI"
2020-04-14 Ciprian Barbuiec: Add jobs for testing usecases 52/3352/3
2020-04-14 Alexandru Avadaniiiec: exclude seba_on_arm from virtual PODs 51/3351/2
2020-04-14 Eric BallMerge "iec: aarch64 baremetal POD: map name, cron trigger"
2020-04-13 Yolanda RoblaRemove libvirt provider jobs 53/3353/1
2020-04-10 Alexandru Avadaniiiec: aarch64 baremetal POD: map name, cron trigger 42/3342/8
2020-04-08 Yolanda RoblaChange tests to run in virtual baremetal 47/3347/1
2020-04-03 DANIEL STOICARun test for multiple layers on IEC blueprint 38/3338/3
2020-03-18 Eric BallMerge "Enable installation of TA in CI"
2020-03-17 Eric BallMerge "Fix installation bug on Ubuntu 18.04"
2020-03-17 Cristina PaunaEnable installation of TA in CI 75/2275/24
2020-03-05 Eric BallMerge "Increase timeout of libvirt build to 120"
2020-03-05 Yolanda RoblaIncrease timeout of libvirt build to 120 83/2283/1
2020-02-29 Eric BallMerge "Add job for KNI blueprint on Google Cloud"
2020-02-27 Ricardo NoriegaAdd job for KNI blueprint on Google Cloud 61/2261/1
2020-02-25 Alexandru Avadaniita: iso: Workaround kernel missing read rights 58/2258/2
2020-02-25 Eric BallMerge "Move iec jenkins job in jjb/akraino-templates"
2020-02-25 Eric BallMerge "iec: compass: Fix log permissions, curl redirect"
2020-02-25 Daniel StoicaMove iec jenkins job in jjb/akraino-templates 54/2254/7
2020-02-23 Alexandru Avadaniistatic slaves: Perform global-jjb init 50/2250/4
2020-02-23 Alexandru Avadaniita: login shell, filename expansion enabled 53/2253/2
2020-02-21 Eric BallUpdate global-jjb to v0.51.1 47/2247/2
2020-02-20 Eric BallMerge "[validation] Improve relationship between jobs"
2020-02-19 Cristina Pauna[validation] Improve relationship between jobs 42/2242/2
2020-02-12 Alexandru AvadaniiTA: aarch64 RPM/ISO build jobs: voting, email 34/2234/6
2020-01-20 Eric BallMerge "[validation] Disable jobs for tag"
2019-12-17 Alexandru AvadaniiFix build-blocker level param typos 64/2164/1
2019-12-17 Eric BallMerge "Add new job to deploy kni on baremetal"
2019-12-17 Yolanda RoblaAdd new job to deploy kni on baremetal 31/2031/10
2019-12-12 Eric BallMerge "Add Sonarcloud scans for IEC"
2019-12-12 Eric BallFix icn-daaas trigger paths 21/2121/1
2019-12-10 Dileep RanganathanAdd CI job templates for icn/daaas 11/2111/2
2019-11-27 Eric BallMerge "Change owner of results folder and its files"
2019-11-27 Eric BallMerge "IEC jobs in Akraino Lab"
2019-11-26 Eric BallMerge "iec: Fix current build parameter passing"
2019-11-25 Eric BallMerge "ta: iso deploy: Fix artifact name in checksum...
2019-11-25 Eric BallMerge "[validation] Build release images"
2019-11-25 Cristina Pauna[validation] Build release images 98/1998/7
2019-11-20 chengli3Update icn unit test job 11/2011/1
2019-11-07 Tamas LendvayAdd triggers to ci-build job. 30/1930/1
2019-10-31 Eric BallMerge "Update parameters for validation-enea-daily."
2019-10-30 Alexandru Avadaniita: Avoid dpkg/apt race conditions on static slave 82/1882/2
2019-10-28 Eric BallMerge "Add ci validation script"
2019-10-23 Eric BallMerge "Add new job to verify blueprint-basic-3-masters"
2019-10-22 Eric BallMerge "Clean the docker images after CI build."
2019-10-18 Eric BallMerge "Merge job scm pull origin/master/HEAD"
2019-10-18 Tamas LendvayMerge job scm pull origin/master/HEAD 98/1798/2
2019-10-17 Eric BallMerge "Create icn project jenkins job"
2019-10-17 Yolanda RoblaAdd new job to verify blueprint-basic-3-masters 80/1780/3
2019-10-17 chengli3Create icn project jenkins job 94/1794/10
2019-10-16 Eric BallMerge "Migrate current Sonar jobs to Sonarcloud"
2019-09-25 Alexandru Avadaniita-builder-rpm: Update CentOS mirror/vault repo 52/1652/1
2019-09-18 Eric BallMerge "ta: Make arm64 RPM verify jobs non-voting"
2019-09-18 Eric BallMerge "shell: ta-rpm-deploy: curl should follow redirects"
2019-09-18 Alexandru Avadaniita: Make arm64 RPM verify jobs non-voting 09/1609/1
2019-09-18 Alexandru Avadaniilf-display-node-uuid: Do not fail on static slaves 08/1608/1
2019-09-17 Eric BallMerge "Clear ALT_NEXUS_URL and SERVER_ID after netrc"
2019-09-17 Eric BallClear ALT_NEXUS_URL and SERVER_ID after netrc 03/1603/1
2019-09-17 Eric BallMerge "shell: ta-rpm-deploy: Cleanup stale duplicates...