descriptionthis project contains Ironic drivers for baremetal provisioning using Virtual media for Quanta Hardware and Virtual environment. The main motivation for writing own drivers is to avoid L2 Network dependency and to support L3 based deployment.
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2020-10-15 Paul CarverMerge "Boot nodes from virtual, rather than local, CD" master
2020-02-13 Alexandru Avadaniiampere: falcon/hawk: Add padding for IPMI raw cmds 38/2238/2
2019-12-16 Alexandru AntoneAdd support for Ampere Falcon server 57/2057/9
2019-11-24 dave kormannBoot nodes from virtual, rather than local, CD 28/2128/1
2019-07-16 bela.szanicsFix TypeError in 93/1193/1
2019-06-12 Janne SuominenAdd missing support for HP Gen10 82/982/1
2019-05-08 Janne SuominenSeed code for ironic_virtmedia_driver 40/640/1
2019-05-01 Eric BallInitial empty repository
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