os:vuls:Update vuls version
[validation.git] / bluval /
2020-06-17 Alexandru AvadaniiMerge "Revert "Add a line to change loglevel""
2020-06-17 Alexandru AvadaniiMerge "Add a new variable Robot loglevel"
2020-06-17 Tapio TallgrenMerge "Remove inactive committers"
2020-06-10 Alexandru AvadaniiMerge "Use docker host network for containers"
2020-06-10 Alexandru AvadaniiMerge "Add a line to change loglevel"
2020-06-10 Tapio TallgrenAdd a new variable Robot loglevel 61/3561/2
2020-06-09 DANIEL STOICAEnable mandatory tests for REC 56/3556/4
2020-06-06 Igor D.CUse docker host network for containers 50/3550/1
2020-06-03 Tapio TallgrenMerge "Add ICN Bluval support"
2020-05-14 Alexandru AvadaniiMerge "Fix ssh cleanup issue for vuls test"
2020-05-14 Alexandru AvadaniiMerge "Fix blucon.py argument issue"
2020-05-13 Tapio TallgrenMerge "bluval-eliot.yaml added for ELIOT BP"
2020-05-13 DANIEL STOICAFix blucon.py argument issue 32/3432/1
2020-05-04 Srinivasan Selvambluval-eliot.yaml added for ELIOT BP 98/3398/1
2020-04-22 Alexandru Avadaniiblucon: Add argument '-p' for pulling latest tag 82/3382/2
2020-04-21 Cristina PaunaMerge "docker: kube-conformance: Enforce upstream tag"
2020-04-18 Alexandru Avadaniiblucon.sh: Allow validation/results dir override 72/3372/2
2020-04-17 Alexandru Avadaniibluval: Add Jenkins log-parser rules 68/3368/9
2020-04-17 Igor DCAdd ICN Bluval support 70/3370/1
2020-04-03 DANIEL STOICAEnable kube-hunter tests and fix layer order 39/3339/3
2020-04-03 Juha KosonenMerge "Change the criticality of kube-hunter test"
2020-04-03 Juha KosonenChange the criticality of kube-hunter test 13/3313/2
2020-03-31 Cristina PaunaMerge "Enable vuls and lynis tests in CI"
2020-03-27 DANIEL STOICAEnable vuls and lynis tests in CI 06/3306/7
2020-02-24 Cristina PaunaMerge "Add Vuls security test for x86_64"
2020-02-20 Juha KosonenAdd Robot test for running kube-hunter 46/2246/1
2020-01-20 Juha KosonenMerge "Add PTL to INFO.yaml"
2020-01-08 Juha KosonenMerge "Replace logging with services layer"
2020-01-07 Alexandru AntoneRemove docker-binary mount. Use container binary 76/2176/4
2020-01-07 Cristina PaunaMerge "Add validaton tests for KNI"
2020-01-03 Deepak KatariaMerge "[REC-74] openstack bluval integration"
2019-12-20 Juha KosonenPrevent python to write .pyc files on import 69/2169/1
2019-12-19 Alexandru Antone[VAL-93] Fix docker binary execution error 68/2168/1
2019-12-19 Juha KosonenMerge "Fix for missing dependencies"
2019-12-18 Alexandru AntoneFix for missing dependencies 65/2165/3
2019-12-13 Naga Sugguna[VAL-80] Lynis 19/2119/3
2019-12-13 Naga Sugguna[REC-74] openstack bluval integration 02/1602/6
2019-12-12 Naga Sugguna[VAL-87] Bluval Containerization 89/2089/14
2019-12-12 Naga SuggunaMerge "Convention over configuration"
2019-11-08 Yolanda RoblaAdd validaton tests for KNI 14/1914/2
2019-11-06 Naga SuggunaConvention over configuration 91/1891/9
2019-11-05 Naga SuggunaMerge "Use a more generic kubectl command to check...
2019-10-29 valentin.radulescuAdd a new parameter to blucon script 72/1872/2
2019-10-28 Juha KosonenMerge "Add iec tests"
2019-10-28 valentin.radulescuAdd iec tests 20/1820/2
2019-10-18 Naga SuggunaRECV-110 ETCD Bluval Integration 04/1804/2
2019-09-11 Deepak KatariaMerge "Add Helm chart repository Robot tests"
2019-09-06 Deepak KatariaMerge "LTP integrated with bluval"
2019-09-04 Naga SuggunaMerge "Add Robot test for running Tempest test suite"
2019-09-03 Naga SuggunaMerge "[UI] Support UI partial control"
2019-09-02 Deepak KatariaMerge "Create docker layer container for Docker Bench"
2019-08-27 Naga SuggunaLTP integrated with bluval 72/1472/2
2019-08-27 Juha KosonenMerge "docker bench integrated with bluval"
2019-08-22 Deepak KatariaMerge "Add Robot test for validating Helm charts"
2019-08-21 Naga Suggunagenerate test_info.yaml 43/1443/3
2019-08-21 Your NameCustomize the volume list per layer 41/1341/4
2019-08-19 Naga Suggunadocker bench integrated with bluval 29/1429/1
2019-07-24 Ioakeim SamarasSupport of test cases' addtitional tag 53/1253/2
2019-07-22 Ioakeim SamarasMerge "[RECV-94] Separate docker/robot invoking"
2019-07-09 Ioakeim SamarasMerge "[UI] UI enhancements"
2019-07-05 Naga Sugguna[RECV-94] Separate docker/robot invoking 32/1132/1
2019-07-05 Naga Suggunaskip, show_stopper, all tested 49/949/19
2019-07-04 Cristina PaunaMerge "Remove e2e layer"
2019-06-26 Ioakeim SamarasMerge "[ui] Fix docker build for UI container"
2019-06-25 Juha KosonenMerge "Fix Sonobuoy test execution completion waiting"
2019-06-24 Naga SuggunaRemove NA test cases 46/1046/2
2019-06-24 Naga SuggunaREC testcases 45/1045/1
2019-06-13 Naga SuggunaMerge "Fix OS Dockerfile"
2019-06-12 Miguel MontielAdd Bare metal hardware test cases for hp: 50/950/6
2019-06-12 Miguel MontielOS layer typo fixed 87/987/2
2019-06-10 Cristina PaunaMerge "[k8s] Run the tests using bluval"
2019-06-07 Cristina Pauna[k8s] Run the tests using bluval 42/942/8
2019-06-05 Naga SuggunaNoneType fixed 48/948/2
2019-05-31 Juha KosonenMerge "[docs] Document the changes to k8s container"
2019-05-30 Naga SuggunaPass variables to robot testcases 38/838/6
2019-05-30 Naga SuggunaMerge "Organize file structure for tests"
2019-05-30 Cristina PaunaOrganize file structure for tests 87/887/2
2019-05-24 Naga SuggunaMerge "bluval engine refactoring"
2019-05-24 Naga Suggunabluval engine refactoring 63/563/17
2019-04-18 Naga SuggunaMerge "Set of TCs to test K8s layer via Robot"
2019-04-17 Juha KosonenMerge "Fix KeyError in show_stopper checking"
2019-04-11 Juha KosonenFix KeyError in show_stopper checking 49/549/1
2019-04-09 Naga Suggunayaml parser for bluval 18/518/11