os:vuls:Update vuls version
[validation.git] / bluval / bluval-iec.yaml
2020-04-03 DANIEL STOICAEnable kube-hunter tests and fix layer order 39/3339/3
2020-04-03 Juha KosonenMerge "Change the criticality of kube-hunter test"
2020-03-31 Cristina PaunaMerge "Enable vuls and lynis tests in CI"
2020-03-27 DANIEL STOICAEnable vuls and lynis tests in CI 06/3306/7
2020-02-24 Cristina PaunaMerge "Add Vuls security test for x86_64"
2020-02-20 Juha KosonenAdd Robot test for running kube-hunter 46/2246/1
2019-10-28 Juha KosonenMerge "Add iec tests"
2019-10-28 valentin.radulescuAdd iec tests 20/1820/2