Revert "Add signing to Akraino deploy templates"
[ci-management.git] / jenkins-config /
2020-05-18 Eric BallMerge "update 5g-mec-cloud-gaming jobs to Jenkins"
2020-05-18 Houa YangAdd S3_BUCKET environment variable 84/3484/3
2020-05-08 Eric BallMerge "Add signing to Akraino deploy templates"
2020-05-06 Eric BallMerge "Support password-based ssh auth"
2020-05-04 Eric BallMerge "iec: Add robot parsing for SEBA tests"
2020-05-04 Eric BallMerge "Automation adds pcei.yaml"
2020-05-04 Eric BallUpdate authentication URI endpoint 99/3399/1
2019-12-17 Eric BallMerge "Add new job to deploy kni on baremetal"
2019-12-12 Eric BallMerge "Add Sonarcloud scans for IEC"
2019-12-07 Dileep RanganathanAdd ubuntu1804-helm build image 02/2102/1
2019-10-28 Eric BallMerge "Add ci validation script"
2019-10-16 Eric BallMerge "Migrate current Sonar jobs to Sonarcloud"
2019-10-04 Eric BallUpdate centos7-builder image 38/1738/1
2019-09-18 Eric BallAdd "https://" to RPM_REPO_URL 16/1616/1
2019-09-17 Eric BallAdd RPM_REPO_URL global variable 04/1604/1
2019-08-22 Eric BallMerge "Add Ubuntu 18.04 docker nodes, including arm64"
2019-08-22 Eric BallAdd Ubuntu 18.04 docker nodes, including arm64 51/1451/1
2019-08-22 Jessica WagantallUpdate ta-ci-build node 49/1449/2
2019-07-30 Eric BallMerge "Update to common-packer v0.3.1, packer 1.4.2"
2019-07-24 Eric BallMerge "Fix typo in trigger"
2019-07-24 Andrew GrimbergMerge "Increase node size to fix out of memory errors"
2019-07-23 Eric BallAdd CentOS 7 2c-8g builder for high-RAM TA builds 49/1249/1
2019-05-24 Eric BallMerge "[ta] Move image build job to a bigger build...
2019-05-23 Eric BallRevert "Revert Add DOCKERHUB_REGISTRY global var" 04/804/1
2019-05-23 Eric BallMerge "Add IEC Foundation Framework Deployment Work"
2019-05-23 Eric BallMerge "[ta] Increase slave size for selected components"
2019-05-23 Anil BelurRevert "Add DOCKERHUB_REGISTRY global var to pro" 98/798/1
2019-05-23 Ossi Koivistoinen[ta] Move image build job to a bigger build minion 29/829/4
2019-05-23 Eric BallMerge "[iec] Trigger all usecases in parent jobs"
2019-05-22 Eric BallMerge "[ta] Moved RPMs to Nexus3"
2019-05-22 Eric BallMerge "Add DOCKERHUB_REGISTRY global var to prod Jenkins"
2019-05-22 Eric BallAdd DOCKERHUB_REGISTRY global var to prod Jenkins 73/773/1
2019-04-17 Eric BallMerge "Add new job to build kni binary"
2019-04-16 Eric BallMerge "Add initial job to produce kni installer binary"
2019-04-11 Eric BallMerge "Update images for all build nodes"
2019-04-10 Eric BallUpdate images for all build nodes 44/544/1
2019-04-02 Eric BallMerge "[iec] Add deploy jobs"
2019-03-26 Eric BallMerge "fix verify cann't fetch correct refs"
2019-03-21 Eric BallMerge "Add CentOS 7 8c-8g builder"
2019-03-21 MilinAdd CentOS 7 8c-8g builder 95/495/4
2018-11-01 Andrew GrimbergConfigure global ENV vars for sigul 09/309/1
2018-07-31 Thanh HaUpdate CentOS 7 builder to pull in dos2unix 61/161/1
2018-07-26 Andrew GrimbergMerge "New JJB files for addon-onap project"
2018-07-24 Andrew GrimbergAdd global env vars for the Nexus3 docker registry 13/113/1
2018-07-24 Andrew GrimbergDefine new docker build node 12/112/1
2018-07-09 Andrew GrimbergUpdate default template image 91/91/1
2018-06-27 Andrew GrimbergAdd Ubuntu 16.04 builder instance 90/90/1
2018-06-26 Andrew GrimbergUpdate to Akraino built builder 89/89/1
2018-06-25 Andrew GrimbergAdd global vars management 85/85/1
2018-06-22 Andrew GrimbergAdd OpenStack cloud configuration 82/82/1