descriptionCI infrastructure management and control repo
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last changeThu, 6 Aug 2020 21:13:48 +0000 (14:13 -0700)
6 days ago Eric BallRemove unused cloud builder configs & packer jobs 64/3664/1 master
6 days ago Andrew GrimbergFix instance volume to a size that works 63/3663/1
6 days ago Andrew GrimbergUpdate cloud images to use a volume and v2 flavors 62/3662/1
9 days ago Ciprian BarbuClone missing iec repo if not found 24/3624/2
2020-07-08 Ricardo NoriegaFix KNI CI jobs 08/3608/2
2020-06-24 Eric BallMerge "iec: fuel: Map new UNH baremetal POD to IEC...
2020-06-24 Alexandru Avadaniiiec, rec: Abstract out common seba_on_arm usecase 81/3581/9
2020-06-18 Alexandru Avadaniiiec: fuel: Map new UNH baremetal POD to IEC xDFs 87/3587/1
2020-06-11 Alexandru AntoneGracefully stop the remote-installer container 65/3565/3
2020-06-10 Alexandru Avadaniivalidation: Enable validation for REC in UNH lab 55/3555/2
2020-05-26 Eric BallMerge "validation:Fix jobs cleanup issue with permissions"
2020-05-19 DANIEL STOICAvalidation:Fix jobs cleanup issue with permissions 86/3486/3
2020-05-18 Eric BallRevert "Add signing to Akraino deploy templates" 85/3485/1
2020-05-18 Eric BallMerge "update 5g-mec-cloud-gaming jobs to Jenkins"
2020-05-18 Houa YangAdd S3_BUCKET environment variable 84/3484/3
2020-05-15 fengupdate 5g-mec-cloud-gaming jobs to Jenkins 36/3436/7
6 days ago master