Add signing to Akraino deploy templates
[ci-management.git] / jjb / shell /
2020-04-30 Eric BallAdd signing to Akraino deploy templates 93/3393/3
2020-02-29 Eric BallMerge "Add job for KNI blueprint on Google Cloud"
2020-02-25 Eric BallMerge "Move iec jenkins job in jjb/akraino-templates"
2020-02-25 Eric BallMerge "iec: compass: Fix log permissions, curl redirect"
2020-02-23 Alexandru Avadaniita: login shell, filename expansion enabled 53/2253/2
2019-10-16 Eric BallMerge "Migrate current Sonar jobs to Sonarcloud"
2019-09-18 Eric BallMerge "ta: Make arm64 RPM verify jobs non-voting"
2019-09-18 Eric BallMerge "shell: ta-rpm-deploy: curl should follow redirects"
2019-09-18 Alexandru Avadaniishell: ta-rpm-deploy: curl should follow redirects 07/1607/1
2019-09-17 Eric BallAdd RPM_REPO_URL global variable 04/1604/1
2019-09-17 Eric BallMerge "Clear ALT_NEXUS_URL and SERVER_ID after netrc"
2019-09-17 Eric BallMerge "shell: ta-rpm-deploy: Cleanup stale duplicates...
2019-09-16 Alexandru Avadaniishell: ta-rpm-deploy: Cleanup stale duplicates dir 94/1594/1
2019-09-13 Alexandru Avadaniita: multiarch build: ISO, python-peewee RPM 41/1441/9
2019-08-13 amin mFixing bash expansion 88/1388/3
2019-08-09 amin mUpload changed RPMs/SRPMs to Nexus 35/1335/5
2019-05-23 Eric BallMerge "[iec] Trigger all usecases in parent jobs"
2019-05-22 Eric BallMerge "[ta] Moved RPMs to Nexus3"
2019-05-22 raghuramamendru[ta] Moved RPMs to Nexus3 80/780/2
2019-05-22 Eric BallMerge "[iec] Publish logs to LF Nexus"
2019-05-21 Eric BallMerge "[ta] Add TA verify and merge jobs"
2019-05-21 Saku Chydenius[ta] Add TA verify and merge jobs 08/708/24