Fix: Add caret to escape Jenkins vars
[ci-management.git] / jjb / redfish / redfish.yaml
2021-05-13 Eric BallChange weekly crons to "@weekly", hourly to daily 45/4245/1
2019-02-14 Thanh Ha (zxiiro)Merge "Add Jenkins views for recently added projects"
2019-02-14 Eby, Robert (re2429)Remove development branch builds 94/394/2
2018-11-29 Eby, Robert (re2429)Add staging builds to six projects 30/330/1
2018-11-28 Andrew GrimbergMerge "Added staging build steps for tar files"
2018-11-28 Andrew GrimbergUpgrade to global-jjb v0.27.0 25/325/1
2018-08-21 re2429Changes to support building the development branch 24/224/4
2018-07-30 Thanh HaMerge "New JJB file for redfish tar file"
2018-07-30 Eby, Robert (re2429)New JJB file for redfish tar file 59/159/1