Update global-jjb to v0.65.1
[ci-management.git] / jjb / validation /
2021-05-13 Eric BallChange weekly crons to "@weekly", hourly to daily 45/4245/1
2021-04-01 Eric BallReplace ubuntu1604 with ubuntu1804 04/4204/3
2020-06-10 Alexandru Avadaniivalidation: Enable validation for REC in UNH lab 55/3555/2
2020-04-24 Eric BallMerge "Remove libvirt provider jobs"
2020-04-16 Eric BallMerge "iec-sonar: Disable git submodule cloning"
2020-04-16 Eric BallMerge "iec: seba_on_arm: fail job on error"
2020-04-15 Alexandru Avadaniivalidation: Only run tagged docker build once 60/3360/2
2020-04-15 Alexandru Avadaniivalidation: Release tag 3.0.0 59/3359/4
2020-04-15 Eric BallMerge "iec: Stop upstream job if IEC installation fails"
2020-04-15 Eric BallMerge "validation, iec: Rework common parameters list"
2020-04-15 Alexandru AvadaniiFix SCM macro usage of refspec, branches 56/3356/4
2020-04-14 Eric BallMerge "iec: aarch64 baremetal POD: map name, cron trigger"
2020-04-09 Alexandru Avadaniivalidation: Move docker build job to aarch64_build 49/3349/1
2020-02-20 Eric BallMerge "[validation] Improve relationship between jobs"
2020-02-19 Cristina Pauna[validation] Improve relationship between jobs 42/2242/2
2020-01-20 Eric BallMerge "[validation] Disable jobs for tag"
2020-01-17 valentin.radulescuStore blu-val results in nexus. 19/2019/7
2020-01-16 Eric BallMerge "Add log parser support"
2020-01-15 valentin.radulescuAdd log parser support 00/2100/18
2019-12-17 Eric BallMerge "Add new job to deploy kni on baremetal"
2019-12-16 LF Jenkins CIAutomation adds INFO jobs 31/2131/34
2019-12-12 Eric BallMerge "Add Sonarcloud scans for IEC"
2019-12-09 Cristina Pauna[validation] Disable jobs for tag 03/2103/1
2019-12-06 Eric BallMerge "[validation] Build images for 2.0.1 tag"
2019-12-06 Cristina Pauna[validation] Build images for 2.0.1 tag 98/2098/1
2019-11-27 Eric BallMerge "Change owner of results folder and its files"
2019-11-27 Eric BallMerge "IEC jobs in Akraino Lab"
2019-11-26 Eric BallMerge "iec: Fix current build parameter passing"
2019-11-25 Eric BallMerge "ta: iso deploy: Fix artifact name in checksum...
2019-11-25 Eric BallMerge "[validation] Build release images"
2019-11-25 Cristina Pauna[validation] Build release images 98/1998/7
2019-10-28 Eric BallMerge "Add ci validation script"
2019-10-28 valentin.radulescuAdd ci validation script 57/1657/10
2019-10-23 Eric BallMerge "Add new job to verify blueprint-basic-3-masters"
2019-10-22 Eric BallMerge "Clean the docker images after CI build."
2019-10-22 Daniel StoicaClean the docker images after CI build. 13/1813/2
2019-07-18 Eric BallMerge "Enable merge jobs to trigger downstream job"
2019-07-17 Eric BallMerge "[iec] seba-on-arm: Installer/OS specific params"
2019-07-16 Eric BallMerge "[iec, validation] verify: disable submodule...
2019-07-15 Eric BallMerge "Remove triggering job on patchsets"
2019-07-11 Alexandru Avadanii[iec, validation] verify: disable submodule clone 69/1169/1
2019-07-11 Eric BallMerge "Update global-jjb to v0.39.1"
2019-07-10 Alexandru Avadanii[validation] docker: Keep going after build fail 58/1158/1
2019-07-03 Eric BallUpdate global-jjb to v0.39.1 22/1022/3
2019-05-30 Alexandru Avadanii[validation] docker: Fix manifest push wildcard 02/902/1
2019-05-14 Cristina Pauna[validation] Add job timeout 89/689/2
2019-05-10 Eric BallMerge "Adjust kni gerrit trigger to pick up merges"
2019-05-10 Cristina Pauna[validation] Fix the slave-label 73/673/2
2019-05-04 Eric BallMerge "[validation] Disable 'parallel' for verify jobs"
2019-05-04 Eric BallMerge "[validation] Add jobs to build the docker images"
2019-05-03 Cristina Pauna[validation] Add jobs to build the docker images 78/578/8
2019-05-03 Cristina Pauna[validation] Disable 'parallel' for verify jobs 10/610/1
2019-04-22 Eric BallMerge "[iec] deploy: Disable git submodule cloning"
2019-04-19 Cristina Pauna[validation] Add job to verify patches 68/568/2
2019-04-02 Naga SuggunaNew JJB file for validation project 34/534/2